Glass and Fine Wood Honey Comb Buffet Brunch Stand


How many times have you pulled a beautiful honeycomb from your top bar hive and you just can't bring yourself to crush and strain the comb? In fact, I find myself wanting to preserve its beauty in order to amaze guests and friends. What a great way to show children and others the wonders of the hive by having a honeycomb on display. They get to see an amazing creation by the bees and the intricacies of its construction.


Display for your Harvested Honeycombs
Years ago I had our woodworker make a Golden Mean sized honeycomb display frame that I took to workshops, talks and yes, I took combs to show-and-tell at schools. It is one of my favorite things to do, watching people marvel at these gorgeous combs.


And I tell them “this comb is 100% created by the bees, no wax or plastic foundation”. Of course this raises their curiosity and then they want to know how the bees make the wax. Well the bees excrete tiny wax platelets from their abdomens. You'll have to have this picture in hand to explain this one.

After getting several requests at my workshops for the honeycomb display frame and also seeing bee guardians with their combs sitting on their kitchen counters in a milk crate, I decided to have our woodworker make up a few of these special honeycomb displays so they would be available to everyone.

Glass and Fine Wood Honey Comb Buffet Holder

 Now you can display your beautiful harvested honeycombs in the new glass Honeycomb Display Frame.

The frame display is hand-crafted in Boulder, Colorado and made of cherry wood which has beautiful fine grain and color. It has a removable double strength glass panel so you can easily access the comb. It also comes with a long white porcelain tray that you can set at the bottom of the frame if you choose to serve your honeycomb to guests. This turns the display frame into a serving stand. The frame display fits both the Golden Mean length top bars (18" length) (17 3/4) and the Langstroth frames (19" length) and European 17" national frame.

The Honeycomb Display Stand  is great for displaying and serving combs at:

  • Farmers markets
  • School presentations
  • Workshops
  • Bee talks
  • Bee clubs
  • County fairs
  • Resort Hotel Buffets
  • Hotel Brunch Buffet
  • Catering


Buffet, brunch, breakfast or display
In Germany, Thailand and other parts of the world the full combs of honey are offered in its pure form at breakfast buffets as a special treat to their guests. The honeycomb is displayed on the frame and comb is cut off and spread on bread and cheese or put on cereal, muesli or yogurt. At my house it is always a special treat for guests when I bring out the comb for breakfast!

Photo Credit:


Single comb harvest
When I go out to my hives to make a single comb harvest, I bring the comb stand and put my harvested honeycomb right into the display frame. No milk crate needed.
See our Simple Harvest Article for doing a single comb harvest.

Photograph bees on comb

I have used the Honeycomb Display Frame for many of my close-up video shots. You'll want to set up your photo shoot near the hive. Remove one comb put it into the holder and slide the glass panel in. The bees will remain on the comb allowing you to photograph the bees doing their delicate work. If you are ready to capture some amazing shots here are some tips:

 Extreme Closeup Two Bees Feeding Each Other
Photo Credit: Corwin Bell
Corwin shot this intimate detail of two bees feeding each other. Bees will always share food resources with each other.

-Keep the comb in the display for only 20 minutes in the shade.

-Only keep the display in the sun for short periods, less then 3 minutes.

-Have a black cloth behind you or over your head, like the old time photographers did, to keep out reflections on the glass and to allow you to see the view finder of the camera without back light.


Photo Credit: Corwin Bell
An extreme closeup of bee wings.

Storing a comb in the spring to feed back to the bees
See our article Where did all my bees go? At the end of the article we explain storing combs to feed back to the bees.


Honeycomb Buffet Display Frame Serving tray Langstroth frame

Glass Honeycomb Display Frame & Serving Tray
 Honeycomb sold separately

Features Include:

  • Re-movable glass inserts on both sides for easy access and cleaning
  • Hand carved wooden honey drip tray
  • Fine Cherry Wood
  • Double Strength Glass
  • Fits Golden Mean length top bars (18" length)
  • Traditional Langstroth 19" frames

Price:  $199 


Raw, natural honeycombs for your display available
Get frames of honeycomb if you do not have your own honeycombs for the display tray.
A Langstroth frame of raw, natural honeycomb.
Price:  $70

(Out of Stock; we will have more honeycombs available this spring)

  Each frame of honeycomb weights 3-4 pounds and is shipped frozen


Details of the craftsmanship


 Made of cherry wood with spline miter joints on the corners for added detail and strength.

Glass Honey Comb Holder Lifting Comb
The combs are easily placed into the honey comb holder.