"I Had No Idea That Beekeeping Could Be So Easy, Fun, and Good for The World Around Me!"

From: Doug Hudiburg

When my friend Corwin asked me to help him create a website and get the word out about back yard beekeeping, I have to admit, I knew very little about the topic. What I did know was that it was fun to see his hives in action and REALLY fun when he shared some of his honey with me!

When we first got started, I had a lot of questions and it occurred to me that other people who were considering getting into beekeeping might have the same kinds of questions. So I asked Corwin if he would be willing to be interviewed by me and let me record the conversation so that anyone could get the same kind of insight into this fascinating subject.

Well, he readily agreed and I've got the recorded interview ready for you.

I had a great time asking Corwin about how he got started in beekeeping and what he has learned along the way. And I think you will have a great time 'listening in.'

Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • Why every gardener should have a bee hive


  • The shocking decline in the bee population, what has caused it, and what the average person can do about it


  • Little known health benefits of honey


  • Why hive design is SUPER CRITICAL to the health of bees


  • New concepts that will change the way you think about beekeeping forever


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