A Vision Evolved
Since we started Backyard Hive over seven years ago, we’ve conducted many beekeeping workshops, sold hundreds of hives, attended beekeeping conferences all over the world and answered thousands of questions from beekeepers just like you.

Top Bar Hive How to DVD
DVD - How-To Top Bar Hive Bee Guardianship

In that time, we’ve learned a lot! We’ve honed our technique and evolved in our approach to beekeeping. We created the Bee Guardian movement (www.beeguardian.org) and crafted better hives as we observed our bees’ behavior. We’ve solved challenges faced by ourselves and our fellow Bee Guardians. And as we looked back, we realized it was time for that knowledge to be compiled and passed on to you. 

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Full Length DVD
Run Time: 85 minutes
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What’s in this DVD and why is it different from our old one?

With that in mind, we created a brand-new DVD about alternative, backyard beekeeping and Bee Guardian methods. We found that we had so much to say that the new DVD ended up 5 times longer than our previous one! We’re very excited to be able to pass along all this information and can’t wait for you to see it.


Run time (85 minutes) of this DVD is approximately an hour and a half and includes all the concepts from our old video with much more detail and instruction. We included step-by-step how-to sections on where to place your hive, how to find bees for your hive, how to install your bees, how to work in your hive and how to process your honey. We teach you how a beehive works together, how it’s organized, how to tell different kinds of comb apart and how to know if your hive is sick or queenless. 


Chapters included in this DVD are:

1) Features of the Top Bar Hive

2) The Location of the Hive

3) Setting up Your Hive

4) Finding Bees for your Hive

5) How to Capture a Swarm

6) Introducing Bees into the Hive

7) About the Bee Colony

8) How the colony is Organized

9) Working with the Bees

10) Adventuring into the Hive

11) Single Comb Harvest

12) Processing Honey

13) Fall Preparations

14) Preparing your Hive for Winter

15) The Future

Especially helpful for the beginning beekeeper, but also full of information for beekeepers of any level. Alternative Beekeeping Using the Top Bar Hive and The Bee Guardian Methods includes beautiful cinematography from the Colorado mountains, where we have our own hives, showing hands-on techniques, close-up footage of hives, combs, cells and bees, footage from a bee workshop given by Corwin Bell and tons of practical tips and techniques that we’ve perfected over the years.

The Bottom Line
We wanted to create something that all our fellow beekeepers could learn from and use as a reference throughout their time caring for bees. We think we’ve done that. We hope you will too!

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Read the Reviews!


Dear Corwin and Karen,

Thanks so much for the DVD.  We finally had a chance to watch it last night and we loved it.

The visuals were gorgeous and the music mesmerizing.  We really appreciated the slow pace, repetition of images and music theme and all the attention to detail.  We were trying to put ourselves in the frame of mind of absolute beginners and think you did a great job of communicating what goes on in a beehive as well as a top bar hive.  The computer graphics worked really well both demonstrating and integrating with the other imagery.

Great also how you managed to get the global picture and small details all included (loved the feeding segment with the little dish and turkey baster!)

The video really made me (Ramona) want a top bar hive with a window (after viewing dvd I can't imagine not having a window) and the covetable forged hive tool.  Saw the Golden Mean Hive with upcoming super...would probably do that one.  (Reading this aloud to Dean he tells me that Corwin gave him the plans last summer...now I HAVE to get going!!!)  I used to win sewing contests when I was a kid and am excited to translate those skills to woodworking!

Your on-line store is perfect...everything is such good quality and so beautifully presented.  

OK...I'm ready to take the plunge and order that hive tool!  Dean reminded me that Corwin told him last summer that nothing would make him happier than to turn us into top bar hive converts...well, I guess we'll see!

Again, congrats on such a great dvd.  We're going to link it to our site...


Laurie and Dean
Authors of:
The Complete Idiots Guide to Beekeeping
A Treatment Free Guide to Beekeeping

Authors' Website:
Bee Unto Others

The new Backyard Hive DVD is incredible. It’s packed full 
of practical beekeeping instruction, beautiful 
cinematography and everything you need to know to get 
started as a beekeeper. I’ve been keeping bees for about 
4 years now and I learned quite a few new things from 
this video. I’ll definitely be using it to troubleshoot 
my hives and improve my methods! Thanks guys - you did 
a great job! 

Patty R., Black Hawk, CO

I just watched your new DVD: Alternative Beekeeping Using 
the Top Bar Hive and The Bee Guardian Methods. Wow... what 
a beautiful presentation!  It is definitely a wonderful 
instructional DVD to backyard beekeeping with a top-bar hive.

Carol K., San Diego, CA

Hello Backyard Hive Team, I just wanted to take a moment 
and tell you how thoroughly impressed I am with your new DVD.  
The footage is amazing -- the word 'cinematic' comes to mind -- 
just by watching the footage one can see that you have a special
connection to honeybees.  The content is also incredible. What 
you have here is much, much more than a simple "how to" for 
backyard beekeepers -- it's the start of a movement that will 
benefit honeybees and the environment for years and years to come.   
Never doubt the positive impact you are having on this earth.
Doug Hudiburg, Superior Colorado

The DVD starts out with an introduction to bee guardianship 
before going into extensive information on how to manage a 
top bar hive. The Video is very thorough, informative, and 
inspiring. The narration is almost meditative and film work 
visually appealing. This is a well produced video. A very 
refreshing approach to Bee keeping...The video lasts 
around 1 hour 30 minutes. .... Impressive... Todd G., Houston, TX

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