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Dear Corwin and Karen,

Thanks so much for the DVD.  We finally had a chance to watch it last night and we loved it.

The visuals were gorgeous and the music mesmerizing.  We really appreciated the slow pace, repetition of images and music theme and all the attention to detail.  We were trying to put ourselves in the frame of mind of absolute beginnesr and think you did a great job of communicating what goes on in a beehive as well as a top bar hive.  The computer graphics worked really well both demonstrating and integrating with the other imagery.

Great also how you managed to get the global picture and small details all included (loved the feeding segment with the little dish and turkey baster!)

The video really made me (Ramona) want a top bar hive with a window (after viewing dvd I can't imagine not having a window) and the covetable forged hive tool.  Saw the Golden Mean Hive with upcoming super...would probably do that one.  (Reading this aloud to Dean he tells me that Corwin gave him the plans last summer...now I HAVE to get going!!!)  I used to win sewing contests when I was a kid and am excited to translate those skills to woodworking!

Your on-line store is perfect...everything is such good quality and so beautifully presented. 

OK...I'm ready to take the plunge and order that hive tool!  Dean reminded me that Corwin told him last summer that nothing would make him happier than to turn us into top bar hive converts...well, I guess we'll see!

Again, congrats on such a great dvd.  We're going to link it to our site...

Laurie  and Dean

Authors of 

The Complete Idiots Guide to Beekeeping
A Treatment Free Guide to Beekeeping

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I can't thank you enough for my beautiful hive. It is so beautifully crafted and sturdy. It is so lovely that it is sitting in my living room right now and I love to show it to anyone who comes over. I can't bring myself to paint it and I'm searching for a non-toxic way to oil it or preserve it without painting it. I was very pleased with the comprehensive booklet that came with it, and the list of equipment. The entrance reducer is an amazing piece of craftsmanship and I didn't expect to receive one. Thanks for thinking of it! Overall, it's just beautiful and I know beekeeping with a Top bar Hive is going to be so MUCH easier with this well crafted hive. I had the joy of painting the top bar ridge with melted beeswax the other night and the whole house smelled like honey. I love the size - I can pick it up and carry it around by myself. I just can't thank you enough for providing such a great launch to an exciting hobby.  
Oh! and the CD was excellent. Very informative and helpful. The footage of installing a package is excellent. The footage of the flattened wire for detaching the side combs is excellent and should really be emphasized on the website and in the instructions as that is one complaint that traditional beekeepers lodge against TBHs and that worries new beekeepers who are listening - the combs attached to the sides. ~ Kelly S., Colorado

Corwin, Karen and Lacey,
I can't believe the gift you gave us today, of offering us the entire course you had planned!
It was phenomenal! I am overwhelmed at what you have learned - and are still learning, about the bees, and at how beautifully you present that knowledge. I come away with an ever greater love of the bees, and an excitement to play my small part.
Thank you, thank you, for what you gave us and for what you are giving to the world.
Ellen ~ Boulder

I have received my order and I thank you for it. I have also received with it the Back Yard Hive DVD for which I did not place an order nor paid for. If this was an act of courtesy I thank you immensely but should it have been an oversight I believe it is only fair that I should pay for it.
Phivos -  Cyprus

Dear Corwin,
Your informative e-mails are extremely helpful in giving the confidence to make sure our bees are OK. In my mind 'our' hive has become part of the family and I am grateful for any and all info that will assist us in keeping them healthy and alive. Keep up the great work.
Thank you, Caroline, Denver

Just a note to say that my new TBH arrived yesterday.  I'm entirely pleased with the craftmanship and attention to detail. Your manual and "parts list" are helpful, too.  Thanks for offering such a fine product!  ~Laura

I am soooo happy to have found you. I work with flowers, founding a line of what I call Nature Essences, and was called to start hives but was utterly dumbfounded at the information given by conventional beekeepers. So I've been hunting for alternatives and all your ideas sync with my novice hunches.....thank you, thank you, thank you....I was just begining to despair. Can't wait to read your whole site and get started. I just had to drop you a line I was so excited. I'm sure you'll hear from us shortly with an order. And your site is beautiful to behold!!  ~Jeri

I'm very happy to find your site.  I have been intersted in TBHs for some time.  Your site has been very helpful.  I am ordering your video.  Thanks for a great web site!   ~Ron

Thanks for the DVD - what brilliant service!!! Just watched it and oh! I'm excited and can't wait to build my own tbh. It looks so EASY and simple and I can hardly believe it!  I nearly gave up beekeeping because I felt I needed to know so much and there was always the poking about in the hive that felt wrong etc.  This puts beekeeping back into the hands of the backyard peeps and the bees!
Thanks so much! ~Andria K., U.K.

Thanks for the extremely helpful email.  I am excited to hear about all the things you have in the works, and please know that I will order everything as it becomes available!  I meant to tell you that I think your website is wonderful - very informative and helpful.  Thank you again for the great email.  I can't wait to get started.   ~Lisa 

The big boxes of beautiful TBH's arrived yesterday--many thanks for the prompt service! From what I can see, the structure is very handsome.   ~ Gerry P., NY

It has been awhile (8 weeks!) since our bees were hived and I think both hives are doing great. I am thoroughly intrigued by and enjoying the experience thus far. I love the TB hives and the observation window--just amazing!  ~Gerry P., NY

We are loving the little buzzers. I sat for over an hour watching them with  the binoculars as the went into the hive and fanned for the others to come  on in. They also built a really cool little bee bridge so the others could walk across the little gap into the new house. Thank you so much for your web site, it has given us so much information and is definently in the favorite category for us. Thanks ~ Cyndi B. ,Denver, CO


I just want to say THANK YOU! I have had my beehive for almost 3 weeks and already the bees have filled 8 top bars!!!    ~ Eric



Thank you so much. I am very excited about this new hive. I sold my  traditional hive to subsidize this one. Since I am a hobby beekeeper, and  mostly just fascinated by bees, I love the idea of a more sympathetic way to  keep them. ~ Elizabeth H


Thank you so much for being open to my questions. I just want to be the best companion to the bees that I can! I am interested in apprenticing with the TopBar hive, because I agree with you that it's the best environment for the bees. ~Star, Denver, CO 

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