Bee Swarm Hotline

2016 Bee Swarm Season is over.

Connect with us in the spring of 2017

Got a bee swarm in your backyard? We can remove them
and give them a good home

Boulder County

Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Erie, Gunbarrel, Niwot

Denver and the surrounding areas
Golden, Broomfield, Thornton, Westminster, North Glen, Wheatridge, Arvada,
Commerce City, Lakewood, Englewood and Littleton
Loveland and Fort Collins areas.

Beginning in April and May we will start seeing bees that have swarmed
and landed in a tree or nearby temporary location

When you call please give us details:
Where is the bee swarm located?
How high up are the bees?
Could you reach up and touch them in the tree?
How long have the bees been there?
How large is the swarm of bees?
The size of a soccer ball, a grapefruit?


Swarm Hotline -



Honeybee, yellow jacket and wasps identification
Yellow Jacket Wasp Identification
Yellow Jacket which is also a wasp - they are not hairy like the honeybee.
Their nests or colony only has a few members (a handful).
You will see them more frequently in the late summer when
They "brood up" or increase their numbers. They can be aggressive
and are attracted to meat, open trash and sweets, ie soda pop cans,
fruit and honeybee hives. You may see them at your summer picnic.

Paper wasp nests_Yellow Jacket

 Yellow Jacket - Paper Wasp Nests - often seen under the soffit or eave of a house

Honeybee Identification
Honeybee - Honeybees have hair and are not aggressive like
a yellow jacket or wasps. Honeybees live inside structures all
year long but are only seen when the temperatures are above
about 50 degrees.

Honey Bee gathering pollen from Dandelion
Honeybee - Pollinating plum blossoms

Bee Swarm Removal

If you have bees inside a structure (house, wall, soffit, pillar, etc)
that is a what is called a structural removal of honeybees.

Here is a list of beekeepers and folks who do structural removals:

Boulder County
Bee and Trees - Chad Street

Honeybee swarm hanging in a tree



We give the bees a new, un-treated, natural home cared for by a loving bee guardian!

Bee Swarm List 2017

Due to the ever increasing requests for swarms,
priority will be given to folks who have taken our classes. 

Email  melissa (at) backyardhive (dot) com for details.



Honeybee swarm on ground in ivy


Help spread the word to the public.
Put up a swarm flyer in your neighborhood!

(For Colorado only; Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins areas)

Click here to print out a flyer to post in your neighborhood,
garden centers, golf courses, coffee shops, etc.

Bee Swarm hanging in tree, ladders ready to capture swarm